The Gift Cycle, 2012


This project is an exploration of The Gift as an enabling vehicle to facilitate intimate exchange.  I created circumstances that allowed the exploration of the social connections that are set up, created or affirmed through the act of giving and receiving.  The meaning of The Gift shifted over time, sometimes it was a material 'thing' given or received and at others it  represented something less tangible, like the gift of time, health, love or even life itself.

What would you most like to give?


This is an interactive sound and video piece that explores the relationship between giving and receiving.


The audience record their response to the question to the left of the projection, their responses are played back at random out of the hanging cone speakers on the right. 


This piece explores the idea that the gift goes beyond the material and can in fact be something that is given moment by moment.  It invites the audience to think about what they are giving in this moment and perhaps the next whilst also inviting them to receive what others are giving.



The Story of the Gift



In this piece the audience is invited to be the mediator between the giver and the receiver, allowing the audience to participate in the tender and sometimes precarious moments of giving and receiving.


The Swing


A sound and video piece with children relating to their experience of giving and receiving.

The Ultimate Gift


In order to engage with the true spirit of the gift a sense of meeting the other is needed.  This piece is intended to faciitate a sense of reciprocity with the audience that might reflect the spirit of the gift.