Behind Closed Doors, 2016, Installation in a domestic environment

This project challenges our ideas about how it is to relate in an intimate way in a domestic environment.  It bares the truth about the nature of loving and hating in domestic bliss.


Film and sound  installation

Inner Wilderness, 2015, Holy Trinity Church, Buckfastleigh



This project explores our intimate and sometimes devastating experience of loss through an embodied enquiry of place.  The place being Dartmoor.  Dartmoor represents a start wilderness for me, bringing up feelings of fear, sadness, emptiness and disorientation, which meets within me my feelings of loss - a sort of outer wilderness meeting inner wilderness.


Film and sound  installation

Shall I compare thee? 2011



This piece explores the issues of negative comparison, low self esteem and being open with others in this experience.  This is an autoethnographic piece that relates to the artist's innermost issues around sisterhood and relationships.

What's in a name? 2010



In this participative piece, the artist explores direct personal story using low-tech devices that are adapted to capture recordings which are played back randomly in another area of the gallery.  The simplicity of the devices works to subvert the complexity of the invitation.  The participant is drawn to 'play' because of the skeletal nature of the devices.  In the participation, the piece is created, and through this a different way of relating is discovered by the audience, beyween the participants themselves, between the participants and the listeners and between the listeners themselves.  Despite the skeletal nature of the devices there are still hidden dynamics that emerge through the participation of this piece.

Rainforest, 2010



In partnership with some young people from Devonport in Plymouth, the artist created a piece that superimposed images and sounds of the rainforest over walls of a victorian police cell.  Juxtaposing impressions of the fragility of life over a space which speaks of human defiance and entrapment allows the audience to immerse themselves in our relatinship with the environment.